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Grant Recipients

2018 Grant Recipients

UCHS - University City High School
BWMS - Brittany Woods Middle School
AEL - Adult Education Learning

1   Art Exploration Using Art Easels                                                         Marnie Claunch               UCHS 977.4


This grant will introduce new opportunities to advanced art students by allowing them to take canvas and work outside, and to expand their classroom reach. Students will be able to participate as real artists in community events, such as UCity in Bloom's recent Pein Air Festival; and will allow easier presentations and exhibits offsite using easels.

2   Introducing I Pads in the U welcoming U into learning            Elizabeth McMullen       Pershing 1000


Technology can be motivating for young learners, and this grant aims to engage kindergartners and to help make learning meaningful with the use of touch screen technology. iPads will be utilized so students can learn and practice new skills using interactive and personalized learning, with the goal of bridging the gap between district peers.

3   The Shakespeare Project: Character Education Through Shakespeare                      Catherine Hopkins          UCHS 1000


This grant provides funds for all beginning theater students to engage with Shakespeare's language through production and a culminating performance. After a kick-off with St. Louis Shakespeare Company, professional actors will guide students through hands-on, experimental activities to explore the moral dilemmas of a variety of Shakespeare's characters. Students will then produce & perform their own adaptations of selected classic scenes.

4   Enrichment Kits for Check-Out                                                             Kim Dietzler                      Brittany Woods 824


This grant will support project-based-learning kits for hands-on activities to supplement already available texts from the Middle School library. Maker kits provide enrichment opportunities from harmonica and ukulele playing, to coding, bird watching, chess, calligraphy, origami, drawing, digital photography, chemistry, gears, card tricks, astronomy, and ozobots.

5   Civil War Virtual Museum Project Based Learning (PBL)                               Linnet Early-Husi             Brittany Woods 751.4


UCEF will puchase requested historical texts for this project to support a project-based-learning activity to design a Civil War Museum with the guidance of local architects (following the recent redesign of the Arch Museum). The project will culminate in a gallery-style presentation of blueprints for the school community and the public.

6 Getting the Wobbles Out                     Carol York          Brittany Woods                      600


This grant will provide inflatable wobble cushions for alternative seating, to help students to allow for movement and increase focus and behavior. The project will be evaluated with a student-led research project, which will assess the effects of the wobble seats for success or failure in their classroom.

7   Small Group Differentiated Instruction Research Project          Sarah Solverud                                                                 Brittany Woods                 1000

                                                                                                        Crystal Ritz                                                                         


This team grant will provide touch-screen tablets to be used in classroom centers, in order to increase math fluency with more hands-on engagement. The goal is to use technology to make challenging math more engaging and fun by encouraging the study and fluency of percents and integers with projects such as stock market study games.

8   Preparing Students for the Future by Analyzing and Understanding Data        Ed Dietzler                                            UCHS    878.24


The UCity Robotics team has been awarded a more advanced computer system which will allow for advanced data analytics. This capability will not only introduce in-demand career opportunities in data analytics, but will allow for advanced team scouting, strategic planning and statistic generation.

9   Clothing Closet                                  Allegra Grawer                                   Brittany Woods                                         1000                                                                                                                           Kim Dann-Messier                                 

UCEF will provide shelving and hanging rack supplies for an in-school clothing boutique available for students and families, in conjunction with local non-profit Helping-Hand-Me-Downs. Lack of clean and proper fitting clothing has been shown to be a hindrance to student attendance. This free shopping opportunity for students aims to address solvable barriers to learning. Clothing and personal items will be provided by HHMD and community donations.


10 AFJROTC Color Guard Competition Team                                        Col. Robert A Jakcsy                 UCHS                        1000

and Expanded Community Support                                                       Cadet Angela Smith

                                                                                                                 Cadet Tyreese Jones


This student-submitted grant will enable the purchase of replica rifles to support the AFJROTC program, which will allow the cadets to present a true color guard at school and community events, as well as give cadets the opportunity to further-enhance their leadership skills and compete in local drill competitions. A firearms safety course will be incorporated into the program with the purchase of the replica rifles.

11 Math Club                              Anita Qualls                                            Barbara C Jordan                                                      497

                                                                                                                         Ellen Bern

This grant supplies flash cards, wheel spinners and miscellaneous supplies to support an established volunteer-led after-school math program which is working to help struggling elementary students to become more confident and proficient in mathematics, through classic memorization and repetition techniques, as well as games and play.

12   Bringing Books to Life                                                                             Nancy Luebbers               Barbara C Jordan                              930.75


Full sets of classroom books focused on authenticity, bullying, friendship and forgiveness will be provided with this grant, to support units in the classroom for student-produced poetry, rap and classroom presentations. Each of the two book units will culminate in performances of the story studied at the Grandel Theater.

13   Have Books - Will Travel - Will Grow                                               Jill Rogers           Barbara C Jordan              1000


This grant supports the purchase of on-level texts to send home in designated tote bags to read with parents. The project aims to strengthen school-home connection and help make caregivers more aware of reading strategies, with the goal of increasing literacy fluency and reading level.

14   Music, Mindfulness, and the Symphony                                         Fannie Lebby                                    Julia Goldstein 574


This grant provides percussion instruments to be used in the classroom for a kinesthetic activity that brings music into a story. Culmination of the project is a "Tiny Tunes" performance at Powell Hall and the opportunity to play the instruments alongside professional musicians.

15   Flexible Seating to Empower Learners                                             Melissa Moussalli          Flynn Park           974.22


The grant requests a variety of alternative seating materials in order to supply a centralized equipment center at Flynn Park Elementary. Various wobble cushions, recliner seats, portable lap desks, stools and cushions will be available to customize the learning experience for students by a teacher instructional leader (TISL), as required.

16 Social Conversations and Reading for Leisure Learning Space                                                       Moira Castillo                    AEL-ESL                                                                                                                                                                 379.92


UCEF will purchase tufted chairs, ottomans and interactive games to support the school district's Advanced Adult ESL program. Materials will be used to encourage conversational English speaking skills in a casual setting, to supplement classroom academic learning.

17    iLearn Math Facts                                                                                     Tammie Wright                                Barbara C Jordan              950


This grant provides iPads and supplemental materials to encourage math fact fluency, in order to help with the skill of accurately, quickly and effortlessly recalling basic math facts by students in Barbara C Jordan's SSD program. The basis for this project is a study conducted by the University of Northern Iowa, which compared the increase in Math fluency between flash cards, paper and pencil practice, and two different math websites.

18    The Giving Garden                                                                                   Alara Stewart                                    Brittany Woods                       935.72

                                                                                                                        Anne Cummings

 This student-submitted grant will receive a garden shed, composter system, grow lights and gardening materials to support a re-vamped composting, gardening, and crop-sharing project at the Middle School. The garden will promote sustanability, green practices, and community outreach. The Giving Garden is a result of the WE Schools Program -- an initiative that encourages student involvement in social causes -- and which was aided by a UCEF grant in 2017-18.

19    The Pick Me Up Cart                                                                                 Shannon Hayslett                           Brittany Woods                       814


This grant will provide a drink & snack cart and supporting materials, which will allow students in functional curriculum to learn skills for real-life situations through marketing and customer service, order fulfillment, delivery and money handling. Students will gain confidence and experience by delivering and interacting with staff who place weekly orders.

20    Pedaling Desks                                                                                           Katherine Thompkins                   Brittany Woods                       563


This grant will use under-desk pedal systems with pedometers, to connect geography and math lessons to actual distance. Using an innovative form of alternative seating, the project will allow kinetic learners to focus on independent work while expending physical energy, while putting distances of the seven hills of Rome into physical context.

21 World and Alternative Music Exploration                                   Lucy Mosier                                          UCHS                                                             990.37


This grant provides funds to purchase multiple series of method books written specifically for public school string orchestra classes, in order to expose students to different music of the world. Background research will be done by the students to investigate the cultures and the people explored in their music.

22    Math Breakout EDU Kits                                                                        Sam Llanos         UCHS                    800


The grant provides puzzle boxes to be used in higher-level math classroom setting, in order to promote problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration and teamwork; while building stronger math aptitude, and strengthening inference and perseverance skills. Students will work together to solve clues, each of which will open another part of the box, which will eventually lead to the treasure hidden inside.

23    Mapping Our World                                                                                Coorie Hamilton             Julia Goldstein                 809.82


This grant for the preschool program will support the enthusiastic ongoing student-led study of map building and neighborhood mapping. The kids will utilize tablets, GoPro cameras, magnification microscopes and accessories to expand their exploration of their school and neighborhood. These young students benefit from this hands-on project by building their spatial reasoning and communication skills, and by helping them make sense of their world.

24    Flipping my Art Class                                                                              Andrea Linskey                  Brittany Woods                              975

 In the age of YouTube videos available for learning any skill, this grant provides a tablet and supporting equipment in order for students to record art lessons and edit them for future viewing as an instructional video. The availability of the lesson for viewing and review will allow for better student engagement with the lesson, and gives the art teacher the ability to provide more personalized learning for the unit in smaller groups.

 TOTAL AWARDED             20,224.84

UCHS - $4,655
BWMS - $7,463
Barbara C Jordan - $3,378
Julia Goldstein - $1,384
Pershing - $1,000
Flynn Park - $975
AEL ESL - $380

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Download our list of Grants that we have awarded from 1997 to 2016.  

Total grants awarded (including 2017-2018): 261  
Total funding awarded: $211,027,38