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2017-2018 Grants Awardees

Faces of UCEF grant awardees 2017

On Thursday, Nov. 16, University City Education Foundation (UCEF) marked American Education Week by awarding 19 teachers across all grade levels more than $16,000 for equipment, supplies, technology, and innovative education experiences.

This year’s projects include requests for flexible seating , iPads, sensory equipment, a 3D printer, online mapping technology, an archery scanner , field trips, construction trade exercises, LEGO engineering, personal fitness, and Latin text books. (Details available at

The excitement started with a visit from the UCEF Prize Patrol, led by Superintendent Sharonica Hardin-Bartley and UCEF Board Members. As each classroom door swung open and the team, balloons in tow, strode into classrooms, students applauded in anticipation of the fun that was to come. 

Download the complete list of grant awardees here.

Faces of UCEF grant awardees 2017

UCEF distributes funds through competitive grants and Pride Projects. Select from the following links for requirements, application forms and more information on past recipients:

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