School Year 2018-2019 Approved and Funded Pride Projects

Collaborative Mural with artist Cbabi Bayoc at the High School

Cbabi Bayoc mural at University City High SchoolThe objective of this PRIDE project is to provide art students the experience of collaborting and creating with an established African-American local artist, Cbabi Bayoc. Cbabi’s artwork and his philosophies embrace ideas of community, love, and family — and proudly uses images of people of color and women in his works. Through the project, students were involved in and saw first-hand the creative process of a professional artist. The finished mural is a proud reminder to all students of the impact art has — and can be viewed in the main hallway of UCHS.  $2,250 funded

Students as Producers of Media at Lieberman Learning Center

In order for students to fully participate as producers of media, and not merely as consumers, the staff of LLC is implementing
elements of video and sound production into their classrooms. To go beyond the limit of videos on cellphones, LLC
purchased cameras and technology to create a recording studio for students in all disciplines at LLC to have access to
alternate forms of communication for project-based learning.

The goal was to provide the knowledge, skills, space and equipment for students to conduct interviews with community
members, create “music videos” for their origianl poetry, produce professional video for authentic audiences, and to
realize the power of producing high-quality content.

This technology also affords the opportunity to create video to share with younger elementary students, for visual arts students
to learn a new medium of artistic expression, record scientific experiments and demonstrations, and allow teachers to
“flip their classroom” and post lectures and discussions online.  $1,250 funded

Sensory Path Hallways at 3 Elementary Schools - BJC, JP and FP

For many elementary-school students, the bums-on-seats approach to education can actually hinder learning. When
educators know certain students in their class would benefit from movement breaks, with a sensory hallway, they can
have those students complete a super movement circuit installed outside the classroom.

The sensory hallway path is a preventative measure, geared towards improving focus and nipping disruptive behavior
before it begins. And it helps calm young minds stimulated by today’s glut of technology and devices. All students in the school can use the circuit from time to time — to ground them on days when they are feeling anxious, hyped-up, or overstimulated in class. Paths can include activities that stimulate all student senses – touch, smell, taste, movement , balance, sight and hearing.Sensory Hallway at University City Elementary Schools

And there is scientific evidence that kinetic activities of this type boost learning; that they regulate the student body and allow them to re-enter the classroom wiggled-out and ready to learn. Each of the elementary building leaders who applied for PRIDE funds for a sensory hallway installation were awarded grants; and it is the hope that three different locations, with three unique designs, will give district administrators and UCEF the opportunity to study and compare the effectiveness of sensory hallways for our young learners. $1,250 funded at each school

Personal Library at Brittany Woods Middle School

Being able to pick a book for their personal library can have a lasting effect on a student, so the goal of this PRIDE project was to get a personally-selected book into the hands of each and every student in the building.

The books were distributed with a note of encouragement as well as a Google Classroom code, and the online classroom created a virtual space for book discussion year round. This note and code were also digitally communicated to both the students and their parents for at-home connection. $1,750 funded

Library Maker space : Solving Literature Problems With STEM at Pershing Elementary

Stem materials include Makerspace K'nex at University City SchoolsThis PRIDE Grant was awarded to allow students to use MakerSpace materials to coordinate with literature selections to identify problems and create STEM solutions through hands-on experimentation with science, engineering, and Robotics.

The goal is for students to identify a problem in a book and create a solution to the problem using STEM skills. Students will then use MakerSpace materials to create a prototype, model, or experiment to test and see if the solution works. Materials purchased for this MakerSpace included K’Nex simple machines components, Snap Circuits, LEGO, Brain Blox wooden planks, and magnetic building blocks.
$1,250 funded

PRIDE projects in action! Students at the Lieberman Learning Center created posters of “hidden figures” for distribution in U City schools. Here’s a short video of the poster printer up (funded by UCEF) and running and in production. Look for the student-made posters in a school near you!

School Year 2017-2018 Approved and Funded Pride Projects

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