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Pride Project Recipients


Lieberman Learning Center

UCEF approved $1,272 in January 2018 for the purchase of a Canon Image PROGRAF Poster Printer for LLC.  The purchase of this technology continues the effort to construct learning through project-based lessons and to provides equipment to create a maker culture for the students served by the alternative high school.   The expanded use of technology will enable teachers to incorporate constructivist philosophies into the classroom, and give them an ability to create cross-curricular lessons and introduce authentic cooperative tasks with practical and useful applications.


The printer was used last school year when students created posters celebrating prominent people of color from throughout history.  They created professional work and distributed the posters to elementary schools throughout SDUC.  Future plans are for students to work in conjunction with the Communication Department to design district signage and promotional items.  They may eventually tap into their entrepreneurial spirit to sell items created at school…. and all of these opportunities will impact students in all content areas.

Through the use of this technology and others provided by the district in the makerspace, students will have access to multiple means of production.  With the help of the teachers and the products made at LLC, students will have access to create new ideas, construct novel products, learn marketable skills, and have their voices heard.


Brittany Woods Middle School

UCEF approved $ 1,780 for the purchase of coding robots to be added to the library inventory, for use in classrooms throughout the school for digital education.   These pieces of technology utilize unique block-based programming to keep kids learning creatively, enabling cooperative play and catalyzing visual coding with game-based lessons. 

Providing an Ozobot Evo Learning classroom Kit, four Ozobots and a Cubetto Coding Robot will continue to support STEM education and empower students to create personalized projects and engage learning in valuable skills.   These tools reduce screen time, increase engagement, and enhance learning; and can be used by middle school-aged students to support map reading skills, creative thinking skills, as well as encouraging teamwork and collaboration skills.


Julia Goldstein Early Childhood Education Center

UCEF approved $ 1,250 for the purchase of preschool-level ebooks from Follett, to promote reading and literacy opportunities to both classrooms inside the building and school families outside of school.   Books are available on tablets and phone apps, and can be accessed through the online card catalog.


University City High School

UCEF approved $2,250 for funding textbooks to be used in the School District of University City’s Early College Experience collaboration with St. Louis Community College.  Textbooks will be purchased for 20 students to use who are taking an English composition class, and will be utilized for multiple years.   

The textbooks will allow the participating junior and senior students to complete college-level work, and at the conclusion of the 2-year program, the UCity scholars will receive their high school diploma as well as a transferrable Associates Degree from SLCC.


Flynn Park Elementary

UCEF approved $ 1,250 for the purchase of 4 iPads, which will support authentic learning experiences by small groups of students in classrooms throughout Flynn Park.   Supported by other iPads purchased by the PTO, the tablet sets are housed in the school library, and can be checked out by classroom teachers in order to complete projects where small groups of students will produce videos, clips, powerpoints and other media presentations that are available with tablet technology.

The program, supported in part by training through professional development presented by COCA, is an effort to bridge the gap in technology for students, and to offer them the ability to put together their learning with something besides pencil and paper and to enrich student engagement. 

The professional training session taught how to incorporate iPads in the classroom and increase the use of technology to promote creativity and produce media that reflects the content students learn and facilitate projects based on a design thinking model.   These tablets put technology literally at their fingertips, to practice what they have learned and support learning in real time with real tools.

TOTAL: $7,800