Deadline to Apply for the 2023-24 School Year: April 15th, 2024

Pride Project Guidelines and Application

Awards for PRIDE Projects offer principals an opportunity to secure $1,250 – $2250 each school year for one or more projects that have an impact on the school as a whole, benefitting as many students in the school as possible.

The maximum gifts for each school are as follows:

  • up to $1250 for early childhood and elementary schools
  • up to $1750 for middle school
  • up to $2250 for high school
  • up to $1250 for alternative school

To be considered for funding, the principal completes and submits the application to the UCEF. Deadlines are set each year in November.

Please direct PRIDE Project questions to

Guidelines For Pride Project Funding

Step 1: Your Project Should:


Have an impact at the school level.


Be innovative and foster excellence.


Supplement and enhance, not supplant, the school program.


Be completed by the end of the school year.


Be developed by principals or other school-wide representatives.

PRIDE Project Questions

Step 2: Your Application Should Include:


Purpose of the project, activities, and students served.


Dates for project events/activities.


A clear, itemized budget, indicating proposed expenditures and what they will be used for. (PRIDE Project monies cannot be used for staff development or for salaries or stipends for district personnel.)

Step 3: Complete your application. Provide a separate application for each PRIDE Project submitted. The total for each school must not exceed the school-level total.